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Carefree Bee Removal

Live Bee Removal 

At The Buzzing Bee we pride ourselves in doing live removal and relocations of bees in the Carefree, Arizona area.  However, there are some instances when it can't be done such as base of trees, block walls or highly aggressive Africanized Bees. Call us today for a free quote over the phone.

Bee Removal
Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb Removal and Repair of structure

We can remove honeycomb from inside almost any structure and repair any cutout that had to be made including any type of interior/exterior walls, drywall or stucco walls, roofs and flat roofs.  A three year warranty is provided on all repairs.

Wasp Removal

Wasp Removal

Removal of wasps and nests.  Common places where nests are located are in bushes, under eaves, in cat claws etc. Wasps are especially dangerous to humans and pets as they can sting multiple times. They tend to attack most often when residents are enjoying the pool or grilling on their backyard. Call us today if you think you may have an infestation. 

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